Teva Design was created over 20 years ago, with a commitment to creating better custom homes for people & the planet. We believe that sustainable & environmentally conscious homes can make a positive difference in our world- that’s why we’re focused on providing you with a home that is in perfect harmony with nature. 

“Since preserving nature and providing human connections with nature are our core values, we mades sure nature would be right in our name (teva = nature in hebrew). “


To create high-quality custom homes that reflect our clients’ wants and needs while protecting nature and our planet. We achieve these goals using green technology, energy-efficient designs and detailing, and non-toxic materials.


With over two decades in the industry, our team masterfully crafts custom homes tailored to your sustainable lifestyle, extending our services from Vancouver to the Lower Mainland and beyond. Our expertise spans single-family & multifamily residences, lavish vacation retreats, modern infill housing*, duplexes, and charming laneway homes*. We also breathe new life into heritage houses and elevate your living space through skillfully executed renovations and expansions.


Our founder, Tracy Douglas, started her career by studying & living abroad in Spain, Japan, and Israel. This was followed by 4 years of full-time studies in Architecture & Interior Design (including 3 years at the Interior Design Degree program at Kwantlen University) and then one year working in Commercial Design (BBA Design in Yaletown, Vancouver, BC) before launching Teva Design. Since then, we’ve been working non-stop to help clients find their dream homes.

Montage of Teva Design and Tracy Douglas at work
Tracy Douglas of Teva Design-meeting with her clients of the Harmony House.
Les & Linda Moncrieff with
Tracy Douglas

I would highly recommend Tracy Douglas as an interior designer/decorator. We recently built a super energy efficient, green eco-friendly healthy home. Having Tracy as part of our team was one of the best decisions…. (of the many thousands of decisions), that we made. She is pleasant and easy to work with and took the time to learn about our needs and desires around design and aesthetics. Tracy is very educated in the area of building “green”. Always positive and creative, she managed to ease much of the stress that is involved in the building of a new home. As well as seeing the big picture, Tracy was also attentive to the many details. Thank you Tracy Douglas.

Les was Tracy’s client during The Harmony House Project

Les Moncrieff

acupuncturist, energy therapist, hypnotherapist