Kitsilano Beach House

Renovation and Addition to a Vancouver Beach House

Renovation and Addition from an old craftsman bungalow to a beautiful beach house in Kitsilano. - Front view.

Before and after

About the

Our renovation and addition project in Kitsilano showcases the power of sustainable design and perseverance. We transformed an old, worn-out craftsman bungalow on a small lot into a stunning masterpiece with a new second floor master bedroom and brand new interiors that seamlessly blend a cottage and industrial loft aesthetic.

Despite the challenges posed by the small lot size and navigating bureaucracy with city hall, the team persevered and prioritized sustainability in their design choices. We utilized sustainable materials wherever possible, such as reclaimed wood and locally-sourced materials, to reduce the project’s environmental impact.

The end result is a stunning home that not only blends old-world charm with modern design but also embodies a commitment to sustainability and reducing its impact on the environment.


A collaboration with Jakobsen Associates